The Fit Factory  
356A Sunrise HWY, West Babylon, NY 11704   tel. 1-631-526-9970       
ATTIRE: POLE FITNESS, shorts or capri workout pants are recommended, as skin on the pole does help w/ traction & grip. We do the class barefoot, and some of the warm up is done on the floor on a yoga mat, we do offer mats here, and they are complimentary, or you can bring your own. NO JEWELRY
ATTIRE: ANTIGRAVITY FITNESS, POLE SILKS, LYRA (Aerial Hoop), NO Tank tops for ANTIGRAVITY please where a shirt w/ sleeves, long sleeve or t-shirt is fine. Any shirt OK for Silks or Lyra. Suggest a long workout pant or capri, not shorts. NO jewelry as it will snag the hammock. We use a yoga mat for this class, and offer them complimentary or bring your own. We do this class barefoot. NO JEWELRY
*All AG is ok for NEWBIES! The instructor will always modify for new students. IF you are looking for the slowest paced AG we recommend any AG Sunday nights.
ONLINE RESERVATIONS: If you're coming in for Pole, Pole Silks, Aerial Hoop (Lyra) or Antigravity (AG) please reserve online following these steps: Go to click on RESERVE NOW Link, follow prompts, use FIRST CLASS is $10.00 for 1st class even if you bought a GroupOn. See GrpOn tab for additional info.
GPS often puts students on wrong side of Sunrise Hwy, FOLLOW these directions instead!
DIRECTIONS: We are at 356A Sunrise Hwy SERVICE RD West Babylon 11704. GPS & MAPQUEST often put ppl on wrong side of Sunrise Hwy so pls take note....we are on the SOUTH SIDE, on SUNRISE HWY SERVICE RD heading EAST. WHERE Route 109 & Sunrise meet, at exit 37. It does help to add in the A of address 356A Sunrise Hwy SERVICE Rd